Treatment and Storage

SIRMET SRL is a center of recovery, treatment and digestion of dangerous and not dangerous special wastes authorized in highway transportation from the Region Latium according to Art. 208 of the D.Lgs.152/06 and the Art.16 of the L.R. 27/98.

The plant can receive and deal all the categories of refusals WEEE, is dangerous that not dangerous, carrying out storage and putting in reserve, the reclamation and the tail-end treatment of the WEEE.

Between the many we deal:
- Personal Computer, Server
- Photocopiers, Printing and Peripheral
- Monitor e Television
- UPS e Batteries
- Apparatuses of Fixed and Mobile Telephony
- Air conditioners and Refrigerators
- Photovoltaic systems
- Elettro-Medical equipments
- etc...