The Plant

The SIRMET's plant is dislocated on an industrial area of 10.000 sqm.
To the income of the plant a fixed detector of radioactivity in order to monitor the refusals in entrance is present. In the plant the areas of storage of the refusals in income from those used for storage of the refusals in escape and the materials are distinguished to start on successive recovery. The plant is organized in the following specific fields:
  • field of bestowal and storage WEEE;
  • field of putting in safety of the dangerous WEEE;
  • field of dismantlement of the reusable components;
  • line of trituration and automatic separation of the not dangerous WEEE;
  • field of storage of the recoverable refusals;
  • field of storage of the not recoverable refusals turning out from the treatment operations to assign itself to digestion;
  • field of pre-treatment and reclamation of containing equipment CFC.