Logistics and Intermediary

SIRMET has a fleet means on purpose studied for quickly answering and effectively to the different logistic demands.

The suitable means to the demanded service, are characterized by in charge of the planning and the logistic programming based on the estimated cargo volume.

In this way the cargo is optimized is of the single withdrawal that of the withdrawal to turn (multitaken).

The weighted choice of means, exacta to I use it of appropriate software of management of the fleets, that they calculate the short distance, allow than to reduce the emission and fuel burnup consequent of CO2.

If SIRMET does not manage the refusals directly, the same one makes use of a Network of authorized and characterized operators, guaranteeing however the traceability of the refusals for the entire row. In fact acting as certified broker to White the Environmental Managers in the Category 8F, the company monitors all the phases of the process and sends in real time, through an own portal web, the data demanded from the producers/customers.