History and Activities

SIRMET SRL started its activity in 1986 in the recovery of secondary raw materials (ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, etc.) resulting from the treatment and processing of obsolete equipment, applied to telecommunications.
Over the years the company has followed the evolution of environmental legislation conforming strictly to the guidelines, both national and Community in the specific topic of electrical and electronic waste.
Currently, in fact, the electronics sector is one of the fastest-innovation industry worldwide.
This innovation, however, imply a reduced life-cycle of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and the consequent increase of waste electric and electronic equipment.
SIRMET SRL offers an historic experience in the field of recovery and recycling of Electronic Waste, and has the prerogative to reduce the environmental impact, both quantitative and qualitative, which is generated from such waste.
Direct experience in the methods of recycling makes it possible to enhance the transforming waste into a resource highly recyclable.