Battery and Accumulators Management

The D.Lgs. 188/08 introduce the principle (by now diffused in the communitarian norm) that the costs of collection and money laundering come places at the expense of the producers of batteries and storage cells, that Consortia or Systems collectives and that will have to be organized in has carried, in fact, to the abolition of the obligatory consortium (Cobat).

The Decree in fact has previewed the constitution of a Center of National Coordination Batteries and Storage cells (CDCNPA) that it has the task to guarantee the effectiveness and the efficiency of the entire system.

SIRMET Srl like qualified partner of the Systems instituted Collectives according to the art.6, 7 and 10 of the D.Lgs. 188/08 carry out the operations of collection, withdrawal, transport and storage of batteries and exhausted storage cells for successive shipment to treatment/digestion.